10 Ways to Incorporate Ornamental Grasses in your Landscaping

Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grasses can play several important and interesting roles in your landscaping. Incorporating ornamental grasses can bring privacy, add accents and become creative focal points of any lawn.

Colorful containers

Ornamental grasses are ideal for container gardens because they come in various colors, sizes and shapes. Create an eye-catching contrasting appearance by placing a gold colored grass in a blue container. Add further visual interest by mixing and matching the shapes, sizes and textures of the grass in different style and colors of containers.

Decorate decks

Containers or large box planters full of ornamental grasses add elegant texture and life to patios, decks and rooftop gardens. Selecting low maintenance, drought-tolerant ornamental grasses can keep your outside entertaining areas looking lush even through dry conditions.

Privacy screen

Screen an unwanted view with a large grouping of tall ornamental grasses. Taller species of grass provide the best privacy. Remember that you need to cut ornamental grasses back in early spring. That means you won’t have privacy right away when warm weather begins.


Plant various types of ornamental grass throughout your landscaping to create texture among your flowerbeds and borders. The height of ornamental grasses also adds a unique overall texture and pattern to your landscaping.

Soft touch

Soften hardscaping such as paving, walls, paths or pool edges by adding ornamental grasses to the surrounding landscape. Ornamental grasses add life to your pool without attracting bees as some flowers can.


Adding ornamental grasses around borders and plant beds create an interesting accent. Tie your garden areas together by using the same type of grass in various locations.


Plant grasses closer together than normal to create a single, tidy line as an edging to borders and flowers beds. Ornamental grasses planted close together along a path can help hold mulch and stones in place.

Fall color

In fall, when annuals and perennials lose their luster, ornamental grasses have attractive fall leaf color and seed heads.

Combine with art

Complement garden sculptures and fountains with ornamental grasses to add interest and dramatic effect. Plant grasses in decorative urns or around water features for a unique appearance.

Attract birds

If you’re a bird lover, planting ornamental grasses brings the birds in. They use the grass for shelter, food and nesting. Make sure you plant ornamental grasses native to the area to ensure the health and safety of the wildlife.

Ground cover

Mid-size and low-growing ornamental grasses are ideal for ground cover as they smother weeds. Ornamental grasses can cut down on mowing while adding unique texture and color to your landscape. Mounding styles of ornamental grass work well for ground cover due to their dense nature.

Using ornamental grasses in your landscaping has nearly endless possibilities when you’re creative and flexible. To ensure success, choose grasses with the right color, size, height, density, water needs and shade or sun requirements for your property. Take the guesswork out of landscaping with ornamental grassed by consulting lawn care professionals familiar with the New Haven region.

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