4 Lawn Treatment Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Green In The Summer Heat

Summer Heat And Your Lawn

As the weather heats up, we all feel a bit worn out. Your lawn feels stress from the heat as well, but you can help it to stay lush and beautiful if you treat it right.  Here are 4 lawn treatment tips for keeping your lawn green even in the heat:

Water and Mow for Deep Healthy Roots

Watering deeply is the most important first step for summer lawn care.  Deep watering of 1-1.5 inches every week will make the roots grow deep and strong. Measure the water your grass gets from irrigation by placing tin cans at various places on the lawn while your sprinklers are on.  See how long you need to run the system to fill the cans at least 1 inch. Keep track of rainfall using a rain gauge. Then mow your lawn for summer by:

  • Using sharpened mower blades.
  • Cutting no more than 1/3 of the blade off each mowing.
  • Leaving grass at least 2-3 inches high.
  • Mowing when grass is dry in alternating directions and patterns.

Pick It Up

Summer is when your lawn gets used the most. Inevitably, toys, chairs, sports equipment, tools and plastic swimming pools get left on the lawn. While a healthy lawn can handle a lot of rough play and objects being left for a few hours, turf crowns can be injured or even killed if something crushes them for too long.

Get in the habit of organizing family and friends to take things off the lawn when everyone goes inside for the night. Another thing to pick up? The daily droppings from your dog which quickly make brown spots on the lawn. Better yet, teach your dog to use a pebbled area for bathroom breaks because urine also stains a lawn.

Let Clippings Lie

On the other hand, you might want to leave the grass clippings when you mow on the lawn because grasscycling:”

  • Is good for the environment and reduces the landfill.
  • Reduces your need for fertilizer because nutrients from clippings go back into the lawn.
  • Helps the lawn retain moisture.
  • Prevents weeds.

Any mower can recycle the grass clippings if you just remove the grass catcher. If the grass gets too high, just mow over the clippings again to shred them further. Don’t worry this will increase thatch because turf experts agree that the grass decomposes too quickly for that. If you like grasscycling, you might want to invest in a composting mower designed for this technique.

Tackle Pests and Weeds

Luckily, if you do all of the above lawn treatment, you will probably have minimal weed and pest problems.  If you do see something that worries you:

Keeping your lawn lush and green requires regular care and maintenance. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call a professional lawn care expert for advice and assistance.

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