5 Creative Ideas To Re-purpose Cut Tree Branches

Pine Branches DIY Crafts

While you may be lucky enough to sport a great looking red maple or an eastern hemlock in your Connecticut landscape, you may find yourself needing to remove a few branches every now and then too. Trees are great assets to any lawn, but you can easily find yourself overwhelmed with maintenance. Furthermore, pruning a medium size or larger tree is best left to a pro. Once pruning takes place, you may be wondering what to do with your freshly cut branches. While most people never think about re-purposing branches, many people get extremely creative in the landscape. If this sounds intriguing, let your professional landscaper know that you plan on re-purposing your freshly cut branches. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Create a Garden Arbor

By taking four large branches you can create your base structure. Trim your main branches equal in size and nail smaller limbs to help secure the structure in place. Continue placing smaller branches until you have created a design you love.

Fence it In

Depending upon how many branches you have available, you may want to create a small wooden fence. If you have a few larger branches set them aside to use as a post, you can add smaller branches to weave in and out while creating intricate patterns. Place your post accordingly—making sure each post is close enough to the next in order to adhere smaller branches. If you prefer, you can place two branches four inches apart in parallel. Use the smaller branches to fill in the space between giving you a stacked wood look.

Use as Edging

Cut branches make perfect borders for natural paths or edging around flower beds. Simply outline your path and add mulch. For edging around flowers and shrubs, you may want to start by cutting your branches in varying lengths. From there, simply place your branches in the ground leaving the majority exposed. Keep them close together to create a tight border and fill with potting soil, and your favorite New England blooms.

Create Candle Holders

If you only have a few larger branches, cut each branch into vary heights. Bore out the middle with a paddle bit. Use a drill bit that has the same diameter as your candle. Use a vice to hold your branch in place while you hollow out the middle. Make certain that you bore in the center as you create your candle holder. If you have decided to remove a tree entirely, you can also use a larger trunk piece and bore multiple areas placing several tea lights for complementary look.

Wooden Home Décor

Anytime you can bring nature near, you create a sense of calmness. Finding ways to incorporate branches and limbs into indoor wooden art is easy. Regardless if you prefer to create an artistic wooden headboard or provide a more natural look by substituting a branch for a curtain road, you can’t go wrong with bringing the outdoors inside.

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