5 Ideas For Landscaping A Steep Slope In Your Yard

Terraced Yard On Slope

Rolling hills are celebrated in Connecticut for providing lovely views. However, landscaping slopes is certainly a challenge for the homeowner. Here are 5 of the best ideas for landscaping a steep slope in your yard:


One of the most popular ways to manage a slope is terracing. To do this, you first create walls on the hillside and then level the areas in between. You can landscape each level with different plants or garden features like sitting areas or play areas. In addition, you can build a staircase from stones or brick to link the terraces and create a visual flow. If very steep, you might want to add railings. Add a dramatic effect by installing a water feature that cascades down the different levels.

Retaining Walls

You can install rock walls with or without morter, stacked timbers or treated railroad ties. For a modern look, you can have poured concrete. Retaining walls don’t have to be in a straight line. They can be curved or angled. However, remember that the most important part is that the wall must be built to hold back tons of soil and if you want it to last, you should probably have a professional landscaping contractor do your work.

Native Plants

Whether or not you terrace or add retaining walls, native plants can be your best choice for planting on sloped areas because they:

  • Grow well in the native soils and tend to extend roots easily.
  • Don’t need a watering system.
  • Can be planned so that they create a multi-seasonal display of color.
  • Work well to stablize the soil against erosion.

Which native plants should you choose? See the Plant Native list for Connecticut for shrubs and trees for our area.

Wildflower Garden

An easy idea for turning your slope into a display of color is to make the area into a wildflower garden. You might want to consider installing paths for people to meander through your garden or putting in a garden feature like a well or fountain. A complete list of over 100 wildflowers for Connecticut can be found at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center website.


Another way to take advantage of the views a slope allows of your landscape and the scenery beyond is to put a deck on your hill.  In order to do that, you will probably need to support your deck with sturdy posts.  One advantage of a deck is that you can use the area underneath as dry storage.

Is Landscaping Your Slope Worth the Effort?

Truthfully, landscaping a slope can be a lot more work than simply planting a lawn on a flat yard. However, sloped landscaping allows you to create a unique and dramatic garden. Feel a bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry. Professional landscapers who are familiar with the slopes of New Haven area yards will be more than happy to help you turn your slope into your favorite place to enjoy your yard.

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