6 Easy Flower Garden Ideas To Boost Your Curb Appeal

Are you looking to boost your home’s curb appeal or enhance its current landscape? An easy way to draw attention to your home is to plant one or more flower gardens. Flower gardens instantly add color and depth to your landscape and you can highlight any area you like in order to draw a passerby’s eye. Read on for 6 easy flower garden ideas to implement this summer.

Butterfly Garden

A small butterfly garden will add beauty and a natural look to your landscape. Try setting aside a small area to plant nectar-rich flowers such as the butterfly bush which comes in many different colors or a grouping of brightly-colored zinnias.

Butterfly Garden

Mailbox Garden

Mum Garden around MailboxIf your mailbox is close to the front of the road, create a simple mailbox garden using some flowering annuals like petunias or plant a colorful clematis vine that will wind around the mailbox for some striking curb appeal.

Container Garden

Container gardens are an easy way to add visual depth to your porch or walkway. There are hundreds of combinations of plants that work in container gardens but follow the age-old advice of using “one spiller, one thriller and one filler” in order to balance out the container. Create a multiple container grouping by utilizing different sized pots for your plants.

Rock Garden

A rock garden is visually stunning and is easy to fill with striking flowers. After adding a variety of rocks and stones to a small garden area, you can fill in the spaces with some flowering plants and grasses. Plant a multi-colored grass for even more visual appeal that will make any garden or border stand out from the rest.

Shade Garden

Do you have a large tree in your front yard? If you have a tree where you can utilize the space underneath, an easy way to boost curb appeal is to create a plant border. Dig out a circle of grass extending from 2 to 4 feet in diameter and clear the grass. Either use large rocks for a loose border or some bricks to bring a uniform look to your border. Plant shade-loving perennials like variegated hostas around the tree trunk to highlight the area.

Shade Garden With Hostas

Color Garden

Brightly colored flowers in a garden area will attract eyes to your landscape and house. If you have a light colored house, use bright flowers with contrasting colors to show it off. A great use of contrasting colored flowers is by planting a bed of black and blue salvia. These dark blue flowers, when paired with the orange blossoms of the Cigar Plant, are a showstopper. A dark house will shine with white or pastel-colored flowers planted nearby.

Using one or more of these flower garden ideas to boost your home’s curb appeal will result in a great-looking landscape, sure to be the envy of your neighborhood!

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