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The Average Cost Of Tree Removal In Connecticut

When you have one or more trees on your commercial or residential property that need to be removed, knowing the average cost beforehand can help ensure you get a good deal on hired service. More

Tricks For Removing Old Tree Roots From The Ground

When a tree is cut or falls down, you’re often left dealing with the old roots. Fortunately, there are several ways you can remove them. More

5 Creative Ideas To Re-purpose Cut Tree Branches

Trimming some trees? Let your professional landscaper know that you plan on re-purposing your freshly cut branches. Here are a few ideas to help get you started. More

6 Trees To Plant Near Your Home Without Creating Problems

Planting trees close to your home can help to accentuate the architecture of the home and provide privacy. However, when planting trees near your home, you need to select the right kind to avoid problems. To safely plant trees close to your home, consider the following varieties. More

9 Critical Grass Maintenance Tips For CT Homeowners

Having a healthy lawn does more than look good, it can help protect the environment. A healthy lawn helps with water conservation as it helps purify the water, reduces runoff and prevents erosion. Follow these critical grass maintenance tips to keep your lawn healthy. More

When To Use River Rocks In Your Landscaping Plans

River rock is a popular stone product for landscaping projects due to its endless variety of sizes, colors and shapes. If you find yourself drawn to river rock but aren't sure where it fits in your landscape design, here are designs to start with. More

10 Ways to Incorporate Ornamental Grasses in your Landscaping

Ornamental grasses can play several important and interesting roles in your landscaping. Incorporating ornamental grasses can bring privacy, add accents and become creative focal points of any lawn. More

Where To Buy Landscaping Rocks in CT: A Massive Guide

If you're planning a landscaping project for your home or business in Connecticut, rocks and stone will play an important role in your construction. Here is a massive list of places to source materials. More

How To Landscape A Hill On A Budget

When you have a hill on your property that's difficult or impossible to mow, the right landscaping can be the perfect solution. Landscaping a hill doesn't have to break your budget when you choose native plants that resist pest and disease. More

Grass Treatment Myths We Wish Everyone Knew

By knowing some of the most common grass treatment myths and replacing them with factual knowledge, you can keep your property looking great. More