How Much Does Lawn Care Cost in CT?

Landscaping Costs in ConnecticutIf you’ve recently moved into a new home or want to update your current property, landscaping can greatly improve and enhance the appearance of your house and grounds. With the unpredictable and often unpleasant New England winters, you want to spend as much time as possible outside in the nice weather and having amazing landscaping makes the most of your property. Whether you want rolling flowerbeds, hardscaping or water features, a professional landscaper can accomplish the task. When you’re wondering how much lawn and landscaping installation and care cost in Connecticut, there are important elements that determine how much of an investment you need to make.

Average landscaping cost

According to, the average cost of landscaping nationally ranges from $1,577 to $5,014. They estimate that the average cost of landscaping in the New Haven, CT area ranges from $700-$5000. That’s a large range of prices and it’s because costs vary depending on how much lawn care and landscaping you require, the size of your property and other factors. If you’re trying to determine a budget for your landscaping maintenance and/or improvements, you need to choose what you want to focus on.

Property analysis

As you start considering your landscape and lawn care needs, it’s a good idea to examine your property and do an inventory of what you already own and can use in your project. You may have overgrown plants that would benefit from relocation and hardscape materials such as garden trellis and bricks that can be re-purposed in your landscaping. There may also be plants on your property that require removal such as burning bush or types of ivy that can become invasive.

Work with a professional

Working with a professional landscaper helps prevent mistakes that can cost in the future. A professional can design a master plan for your property that helps you see on paper or on a computer the potential of your property and what’s required to achieve the look you want. The landscaper’s master plan also shows costs you may not even know about such as town-required drainage systems for rain run-off when there’s a lot of paving on the property. Adequate drainage is essential for the health of your landscaping and to prevent erosion from damaging stormwater runoff.

Acquire estimates

When you’re setting a budget for landscaping, make sure you discuss exactly how much you can afford to spend with your landscaper. To help get an average cost of lawn care, get at least three estimates from area landscapers. A professional, properly-installed and maintained landscape can add up to 15% to your home’s value as it improves curb appeal and enhances your house’s architecture.

Know where to splurge

You don’t have to invest in the most expensive type of everything to have a quality landscape, but you should know where to splurge in your project. If you’ve always wanted an exterior living area and/or kitchen and plan on spending every nice day outside, splurge on details that help make the space an extension of your home.

Investment considerations

As you’re planning out all your wants and needs for your landscape and lawn care project, remember to consider factors including long-term maintenance expenses, the length of time you plan on living in your home, and whether or not you should accomplish the project in phases over a span of years. Landscaping can improve the monetary and personal value of your home and it’s important to do all your research before beginning a project. Working with a professional helps avoid costly mistakes and gives you a beautiful property with minimal work on your part.

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