How To Create Privacy And A Relaxing Retreat In Your Back Yard

Planting For Privacy

If your surrounding neighbors views of your property make you feel like you’re living in a fishbowl, it’s time to create your own retreat with landscape designs that increase privacy without compromising aesthetic appeal.

Planting for privacy

To provide year-round privacy, consider property-line plantings of fast-growing hedges or evergreens. Some types of hedges require regular pruning but the effort is worth it when it blocks sight lines into and from neighboring yards. To maintain the privacy of your hedge without constant trimming, hire a professional landscaper to keep everything in shape.

thuja-privacyLayered plantings

When you have a larger property that requires privacy, plant a mix of evergreen trees, shrubs, deciduous trees and perennials in layers and odd numbered groupings for a natural look. Deciduous trees that grow from 25-60 feet high can obscure your neighbor’s view into your property from their upper levels while providing shade in the summer. Evergreens provide privacy year-round and help shelter your lawn from cold winter winds.

Container gardens

For a deck, patio or terrace, use container gardens full of plants such as clumping bamboo or dense perennials and arrange them around your seating areas for improved privacy. Containers on casters or made of lightweight materials are ideal as you can move them when entertaining or when you need to adjust the view.

Walls and fences

When you or your neighbor put up a new patio, pool or playground, you may want immediate privacy and fences or walls could be the ideal solution. A solid board fence provides maximum year-round privacy, but check with local building codes first for restrictions. Fences or walls along a side yard increase privacy and can have a smaller footprint than hedges but you might want to soften their appearance with flowering shrubs.

Pergolas and panels

To create privacy in smaller areas such as outdoor kitchens, patios or decks, you can build an enclosure that provides intimacy and relaxation without blocking your enjoyment of the outdoors. A slatted-top wooden pergola adorned with climbing vines can offer shade and privacy, especially when flanked by lattice panels. For semi-enclosed privacy when you don’t have a deck or patio, you can install a prefabricated gazebo with hanging baskets to increase seclusion without inhibiting the view.

Fountains for tranquility

The sound of water can create tranquility and encourage relaxation while also masking the noise of neighbors, air conditioning units and the street. Fountains come in all sizes from smaller, plug-in units to custom creations installed by a professional landscaper. For a more elaborate design, create an oasis with a fabricated stream that flows around an area and cascades water over stacked rocks for a stunning waterfall effect. Whatever type of water feature you choose, make sure the white noise is enough to mask neighbor noises without making it impossible to hold a normal volume conversation outside.

Living in a neighborhood with close houses doesn’t require sacrificing your privacy or relaxation when you use creative privacy solutions installed by experienced landscape professionals in New Haven.

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