The Average Cost Of Tree Removal In Connecticut


When you have one or more trees on your commercial or residential property that need to be removed, knowing the average cost beforehand can help ensure you get a good deal on hired service. Unfortunately, no two tree removal projects are exactly the same, so you’re likely to encounter a wide range of estimates when requesting help. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to remove a tree in the United States is $651, but it can range anywhere from $75 to $1,500.

The Height and Diameter of Your Tree

How tall and wide your tree is are two of the most important factors determining cost. If you have a relatively short red maple tree that’s thin and less than 30′ tall, you can expect to pay $125 to $450. A tall, thick oak will cost a lot more to remove since the time and labor involved will be significantly more. A tree more than 80′ tall can cost as much as $1,000 to remove. Some companies will charge three different basic rates while others will charge by the foot.

Location and Type

Some trees are easy to remove because they’re in wide open spaces with little obstruction while other trees are very difficult to get rid of because they’re near power lines or valuable structures. In fact, trees that have branches intertwined with power lines often require the services of a specialists which can increase the costs significantly. Certain types of tress are also more expensive to remove because of the dangers involved. The Easter White Pine, for example, can grow to 100 feet and contain material that’s hazardous to workers, making the cost of removal as high as $1,500.

Tree Condition

A falling tree can cause a lot of damage to property, meaning that leaning trees need to be examined closely before being removed. Trees also need to be checked for construction near their roots, multiple trunks, weak branches, and interior decay. Each of these complicating factors can increase the cost of removal due to more labor and time being needed. When a small tree is dead, it can be quick and relatively painless to move, but large dead trees can be dangerous to remove because of their unpredictability.

Extra Services

Extra work is often needed before and after a tree removal to keep things safe. For example, excess branches will need to be trimmed or removed before removal of large trees to protect workers. If you’re removing a tree due to its invasive root structure, you’ll also need stump removal service. This can cost $100 or more per tree with costs for big thick oak stumps being higher. If you’re using the wood from your tree for firewood or other purposes, companies can usually split logs for you for a fee.

The more factors you take into account the more accurate your idea of fair tree removal costs will be. For a more precise estimate, call or request a quote from our tree removal experts today.

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