Tricks For Removing Old Tree Roots From The Ground

Tree Root Removal

The trees on your landscape provide shade, beauty and privacy, but when one of them has to be cut or falls down, you’re often left dealing with the old roots. Even living trees can cause root problems when the roots start growing in unwanted areas such as under the sidewalk or into sewer or leach lines. Fortunately, you have several natural options for removing tree roots and if you’re ever in doubt, you can call in professional help.

Remove by hand

Although there are chemicals and poisons design to remove roots from the ground, you need to practice great caution using them and they could be dangerous for outside pets. Using chemicals on the roots of a living tree is inadvisable as it can kill the tree. A more natural option is digging or cutting them up. After you dig down to expose the roots, you can use a chainsaw or handsaw to cut them and remove them from the ground. With old dead roots, you can cut and dig as much as you need to. If you’re cutting living roots, you run the risk of killing the tree so it’s a better idea to call in an experienced tree service.

Prevent regrowth

Sometimes the old roots of cut down trees continue to grow and shoot up new sprouts. Following removal of living root sections, the roots may try to grow back. To prevent both of these regrowth issues, you need to put down heavy-duty plastic root barriers around the root or root ball. These barriers help stop new shoots and prevent old roots from continued spreading.

Root poison

As previously mentioned, chemical and poisons exist that can kill the roots of a tree or the entire tree. If you want to get of an entire tree by killing the roots, these poisons kill the root and promote decay. Natural root killers such as potassium nitrate are safer when used correctly and will kill the roots without damaging your property. Administering chemicals to your property is a risky endeavor for an amateur so it’s best to use experienced tree removal experts to keep humans and animals safe.

Promoting decomposition

To remove the old tree roots from a dead, removed tree, the best idea is to promote and speed up root decomposition. Dead wood such as roots and stumps decompose quickly in damp soil. To encourage decomposition, cover the dead roots with piles of leaf and grass clippings. You can also dig around the dead roots and use the area for a compost heap to accomplish two yard tasks in one. Allowing old, dead roots and tree stumps to decompose naturally with time is a far safer option than using chemicals or wielding chain saws or handsaws.

Old tree roots that interfere with landscaping and living trees roots that are growing into unwanted areas both pose challenges when you want to remove them. With a professional tree service’s help, all of your root issues are easy to solve.

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