Seasonal Landscaping Service Plans

Connecticut seasons can be brutal. Keep your lawn looking perfect from spring to fall with our monthly service plans.

Landscaping Services in CTHaving weed-free flower beds, a lawn you can walk bare-foot in, and beautiful green grass is every homeowners dream, but it requires regular maintenance, long hours, and commitment. The average american spends about 40 hours of their summer mowing the lawn alone. Factor in maintenance of your flower beds, shrubs, and trees, and you’ve lost a large chunk of your weekends.

Get Your Weekends Back

Our lawn and landscape maintenance team will perform all of the necessary services to keep your property looking beautiful and pristine from spring to fall.

In the early spring, a clean-up service will help your property recover from the harsh winter months.  This may include removal of debris, cultivation of beds and spaded edging of all beds.  If requested, we will apply a slow release fertilizer and preventative weed control in all of your beds.

An application of mulch can be provided, and is recommended, to further prevent weeds and to create a beautiful, bold look for your spring flower beds and property lines.  If you have annuals that you wish to have planted, we’ll do that too.

Throughout the summer we’ll keep your property looking pristine with regular cleanups, re-edging of beds, and weeding when necessary.  Flowering trees, evergreens and shrubs will be pruned. Further lawn treatments and aeration can be provided to keep your grass healthy and strong in the summer heat.

Once the leaves start to turn, a fall-cleanup will rid your property of fallen leaves and prepare your lawn and shrubs for several months buried under the deep Connecticut snowfall.

For properties requiring an extra level of care, we monthly service plans that will guarantee your landscape will remain one of the best in the neighborhood all season long.  Schedule a free consultation today.