3 Reasons Why Stumps Shouldn’t Be Left in Your Yard

3 Reasons Why Stumps Shouldn’t Be Left in Your Yard

What harm can a tree stump possibly do?

Most of us are convinced that tree stumps are harmless since they aren’t as invasive as trees nor do they serve as a habitat for wild animals. However, if you decide to leave a tree stump unattended for a long time, it can lead to a series of unfortunate events. To help you get a clearer picture, Paradise Landscaping and Tree Removal has listed down a couple of possibilities that can happen when you leave a tree stump on its own:

  1. It Can Cause an Accident
    A tree stump that stands out in your lawn can cause falls, bruises, and even cuts on children or loved ones that have problems with mobility. Because the tree stump blends it with the rest of your home, you can easily forget its presence and accidentally trip over it.
  2. It Can Attract Bugs and Pests
    Unlike a fully grown tree, a tree stump cannot absorb water. As a result, it becomes damp and thrives as a habitat for ground insects such as ants, bees, and most especially termites.
  3. It Can Promote Tree Growth
    If you have had tree removal in Wallingford, CT did before, then you most probably do not want a tree to grow in the same area. But, if you leave a stump on the ground, it will spur new growth and you will end up dealing with the same problem all over again.

How Can You Remove Stumps on Your Yard?

We are not just an expert in tree removal service in New Haven County, Connecticut, but we also provide other services such as stump grinding. In order to complete this procedure, we make use of a state-of-the-art grinding machine that is able to efficiently remove a stump below the soil line. Our stump grinding process also includes removing chips, adding topsoil and grass seed, then raking the surface to make it even. Once the grass has grown in, it will be as if the tree stump did not exist at all!

2 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Stumps Shouldn’t Be Left in Your Yard”

  1. That’s a good point that a stump can become a great environment for pests. There is currently a large stump in the middle of my backyard where a willow tree used to be. I will look into having it removed before the pests become active again in the spring.

  2. The part where you mentioned that we might experience unfortunate events with a stump convinced me that it’s time to have it removed. We have a few of them in our backyard and we never paid them any attention since no one else sees them but us. If they can be a safety hazard, I think it’s better to hire professionals and have them removed.


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