4 Warning Signs a Tree in Your Home Might Fall

4 Warning Signs a Tree in Your Home Might Fall

Old and damaged trees that are at risk of falling are a big hazard. Not just to you and your property, but it can also endanger your neighbors too. But how are you supposed to tell when a tree should be removed? Paradise Landscaping and Tree Removal has listed down a couple of things that signify a tree is long due for removal:

  1. It Has a Hole in the Trunk
    This isn’t particularly an issue if tapping on the wood doesn’t give out a hollow sound. However, if it has a huge cavity in the trunk, it can weaken the tree’s overall structural integrity. At times, this may even give way for a tree to decay from the inside out.
  2. It Has a Deep Crack or Is Missing Bark
    A spot where the tree bark is missing is also known as a canker. Even if the bark looks okay and durable, the presence of canker can put the tree at a higher risk of breaking off in that same spot.
  3. It Has a Leaning Trunk
    If you have noticed that a tree is slanting at an angle after being subjected to heavy winds or a natural disaster, then it is time for it to undergo tree removal in Wallingford, CT. However, if the tree grew that way naturally, then it isn’t as risky.
  4. It Has an Accumulation of Rotten Roots
    Rotten roots aren’t always easy to spot, but a telltale sign of it could be the growth of mushrooms present around the tree. This may also indicate that fungi has infected the tree and is causing it to rot from within.

Need a Tree in Your Home Removed?

If you’re searching for a reliable provider of tree removal service in New Haven County, Connecticut, then all you have to do is reach out to our office. We have experts on standby that can remove a tree in an efficient and safe manner. Discuss your needs with us through a call!

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