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Have you found yourself wishing you had a way to dispose of waste or junk following a remodeling job or a lawn, house, garage cleanup?

Home renovation projects or major landscaping efforts quickly get out of hand if you are not prepared to manage waste and debris those projects produce. Roll-off dumpsters make DIY home renovations of any size safer and much more manageable. They are indispensable for larger projects. Or maybe it’s time to clean out the house or garage. Save yourself trips to the dump. Paradise Landscape and Tree Removal will handle everything for you with speed, convenience and at a very reasonable cost.

Key benefits include:

  • Fast cleanup and effortless removal
  • A reduced risk of injury in your workspace
  • A more environmentally friendly way to do major renovations

Our dumpsters come in a range of convenient sizes, so you can chose an option that best suits your needs.  All prices below assume delivery to New Haven, North Haven or Hamden.  If delivering outside this area delivery surcharges may apply.

Size Allowance 3 Days 4 Days to 2 Weeks Common Needs
10 Yards
12′ L x 4′ H x 7’W
1000lb $259.00 $299.00 Deck Improvements, Shed clean – outs and other small projects
15 Yards
12′ L x 5′ H x 7′ 1/2W
2000lb $359.00 $399.00 For 2-3 car garage cleanups, brush removal, and other projects that require more space.
20 Yards
14′ L x 6′ H x 8’W
3000lb $459.00 $499.00 The perfect solution for roofing projects, home additions, and other larger scale needs.

Important Loading Instructions

LOAD TO LEVEL FULL ONLY with the following:

  • General cleanup debris
  • Yard clippings and branches
  • Boards, weeds, etc.

Do not load above the top of the container. Our log and stump price does not include painted pressure-treated wood of any kind.

There will be a separate and additional charge for items such as, but not limited to, tires, refrigerators, a/c units, and mattresses regardless of size. Please contact our office for further information. Overweight tickets paid by customer.

DO NOT LOAD the following:

  • Used waste oil
  • Toxic or hazardous materials
  • Sealed drums or paint cans

Terms and Conditions

  1. Permission to enter job site.
  2. Property damage due to placement of container is your responsibility.
  3. When ordered to cross curb line, we do so at your risk and will not be responsible for walks, driveways, septic tanks, etc.
  4. Additional charge of $120.00 for every ton exceeded.
  5. An additional charge of $150.00 for relocating any box or unsuccessful trip if load is not haulable for any reason.
  6. A rental charge of $10.00 per day after exceeding the 14 day rental period.
  7. Customer assumes all liability for overweight fines levied by state law.
  8. All invoices are due payable upon receipt. All past-due bills (30 days or more) will be charged interest and a $15 late fee per month. You will be charged any and all costs including attorney fees incurred for the collection of the unpaid balance.
  9. Customer is responsible for any street use permit needed.
  10. Collection charges and attorney fees incurred by Paradise Landscaping & Tree, LLC for collection of this account will be customer’s responsibility.
  11. Customer must call AT LEAST one day in advance for service.
  12. Customer has read and agrees to follow important loading instructions.
  13. Customer will automatically be charged for any overweighs or late fees using the credit card on file,

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