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Landscaping Paradise

A beautiful landscape brings you pleasure everyday. Each time you walk up to your home or into your work, a pleasing landscape lifts your heart. Your landscape can be designed to make you feel serene or energized, quiet or boastful, humble or rich. Whether understated or ostentatious, the grounds surrounding your home or office should be a source of pride befitting your status in life. Your landscape should be your own little slice of paradise.

Paradise Landscaping and Tree Removal offers everything you need to achieve lawn and landscape pride. From design, to installation, to maintenance, cleanup and upkeep, we have been creating and maintaining amazing places for residential and commercial properties for more than 20 years. We are one of the largest professional landscaping companies in New Haven County, Connecticut. We are entrusted with some of the biggest estates in the county. We have the crews, equipment, expertise and experience to create, enhance and maintain your special place. And because we have the right machines and capacity, we can price our services very, very competitively. We offer a FREE, no-obligation, assessment of your current landscape, lawn or grounds. Please contact us or give us a call today: 203-397-8733

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For commercial office parks, retail locations and industrial applications, please see our commercial page for landscaping services, tree maintenance and removal, and commercial snow removal.

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landscaping path to paradise Paradise Landscaping and Tree Removal

The path to paradise isn’t easy. A beautiful landscape that meets your desires takes planning, sometimes installation, seasonal care and plenty of love. Fortunately, we love landscaping!

We offer a wide range of services at affordable prices, from simple lawn maintenance to new home landscape design to estate management. We offer one-time services or monthly service plans.

Connecticut seasons can be brutal.

a beautiful lawn is not easy Paradise Landscaping and Tree Removal

As former Connecticut resident Mark Twain said, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.”

The best lawns green-up quickly in the spring. They are drought tolerant with good drainage and aeration for those inevitable Connecticut summers of too little or too much rain. Fall proper clean-up once the leaves drop keep your lawn healthy through our winter cycles of snow and sun, warmth and deep cold. Similar principals apply to the shrubs, ground covers and trees that fill out and compliment your landscape.

Your Paradise Landscaping and Tree Removal lawn and landscape maintenance team performs all of the necessary services to keep your property looking beautiful and pristine from spring to fall.

A little TLC by our professional landscapers in the spring season can go a long way in reviving your lawn from the harsh Connecticut winters. Getting the best summer lawn starts with a spring clean up. This may include removal of debris, cultivation of beds and spaded edging of all beds.

An application of mulch can be provided, and is recommended. Prevent weeds and conserve moisture for healthier plants. Create a beautiful bold or understated natural look for your flower beds, walkways and property lines. If you have annuals that you wish to have planted, we’ll do that too.

If areas are damaged from heavy snow cover, leftover leaves, or even snow-plows, we’ll pay extra attention to prepare it for new life.  Fallen limbs, branches, damaged plants and overgrowth from the fall will all be addressed as necessary.

Spring Cleanup

Although every property has unique needs, the most common spring clean up tasks in the Connecticut area include include:

  • Leaf cleanup and removal
  • Debris cleanup, like sticks and dead branches
  • Flower-bed edging
  • Mulching
  • Removal of any dead or injured plants from the harsh Connecticut Winter
  • Planting

Contact us or call today at 1-203-397-8733 to receive a zero-obligation tree assessment and price quote. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Summer Care

healthy grass Paradise Landscaping and Tree RemovalThroughout the summer we keep your property looking pristine with regular cleanups, re-edging of beds and weeding when necessary.  Flowering trees, evergreens and shrubs are pruned.

Once the leaves start to turn, a fall cleanup rids your property of fallen leaves and prepares your lawn and shrubs for whatever winter brings. Removing spent stems, dead branches and heavy leaf cover not only protects plants’ overall health, it also keeps pests, rodents and other insects away; they like to nest in rotting debris during the winter months then cause issues when spring rolls around. Removing heavy leaf cover can also help you avoid mouse problems during the cold winter months. Your grass needs attention too. By aerating compressed soil and over seeding your lawn, your grass can recover from summer drought, diseases, lawn damaging insects or foot traffic, and better prepare to hibernate during the cold winter.

Fall Cleanup

fall leaf cleanup Paradise Landscaping and Tree RemovalParadise Landscaping and Tree Removal’s professional landscapers do it all. Home and property owners from the greater New Haven area can chose from our standard service or request a custom solution. Standard services include:

  • Leaf cleanup and removal
  • Debris cleanup, like sticks and dead branches
  • Winterization of your shrubs, trees, lawn and plants
  • Fall planting and seeding (fall is the BEST time to plant and seed)
  • Shutting down of any irrigation systems in place

Landscape Design

landscape design drawing Paradise Landscaping and Tree RemovalWe offer landscape design services for every part of your home’s lifecycle. For new home construction we can work with you to create the accompanying lawn, garden and grounds of your dreams. For existing homes we can enhance curb appeal, add new features like gardens, patios and more. Contact us or call today to learn more: 203-397-8733

Flexible Options

beautiful lawn with wooden block path Paradise Landscaping and Tree RemovalParadise Landscaping and Tree Removal can handle a single job or maintain your entire property all season. For properties requiring an extra level of care, we offer monthly service plans that guarantee your landscape remains one of the best in the neighborhood all season long.  Schedule a free consultation today.

“Rus’s crew was awesome! They worked hard even through the brutal heat. Rus was always available when I called and the price was very reasonable!” Chrstine Lynn, Hamden.

The path to a perfect lawn isn’t easy, but we can create your own slice of paradise at home. Contact us or call today: 203-397-8733