Lawn Care Basics That You Should Keep in Mind

Lawn Care Basics That You Should Keep in Mind

Lawn care is an essential task for homeowners. After all, proper lawn care improves the visual aesthetic of the front of the house. It takes more than just hiring a tree removal service in New Haven County, Connecticut to keep the lawn beautiful and tidy. It may involve a lot of processes, but all your effort will be worth it once you see the result.

Here are the basics that you’ll have to keep in mind with lawn care:

  • Mowing
    When mowing, only use sharp blades. Dull ones aren’t suitable for cutting grass since they tear it instead. Sharp blades, on the other hand, can give your lawn a clean-cut look. Also, mow the lawn only when the grass is dry. Dry turfs stay upright, which makes them easier to cut down.
  • Watering
    The lawn requires enough water to survive and look healthy. Don’t just water the sod when it starts to look dry. It is recommended to water your turf once or twice a week, so it stays hydrated. Water deeply since you need the water to go down to the root system.

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