Mulch over stone

We often gets calls asking which is a better landscaping option: mulch or stone.  While stone has it’s pros we prefer mulch as an option at almost every turn.  Mulch prevents weed growth.  Mulch will not have dangerous kickback when using a snow blower or weed whacker.  Mulch lessens water evaporation which helps your plants or trees grow. While stone will not break down over time it also does not enrich the soil with nutrients the way mulch does.  Mulch acts as an insulation layer of protection, especially helpful to temperature-control in the Connecticut extreme cold or heat.  Mulch is easier to maintain by turning and aerating, giving the appearance of a fresher look.

Keep your mulch flat, away from tree trunks and at a 3-4 coverage depth for optimal results.

Paradise proudly offers a primarily cedar blend of Connecticut-sourced hard woods, freshly made on site and ready for pickup or delivery.  Email or call 203-397-TREE (8733) to pick up or have yours delivered.

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