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Mulch, Mulching and Bulk Mulch Delivery

Keep your landscape beds weed free and looking their best with a fresh, colorful, application of mulch. We can create and prepare beds then spread and maintain the mulch. Or we can simply deliver a bulk load of mulch and save you a ton of money over the bag mulch you buy at garden and depot stores. We have premium quality mulch in multiple colors. For mulch we have you covered!

Having at least three inches of fresh mulch in your beds helps retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, keeps the soil cool and makes the garden bed and your overall landscape look more attractive and professional.

If you have more than a few square feet of ground to cover, buying individual bags from the big box stores can cost you a fortune. Buying in bulk can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Our professional application saves you valuable weekend time as well.

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We’ve been providing mulch to homeowners and in wholesale to other landscapers for more than 20 years.

Our prices, variety of colors and quality cannot be beat.  Contact us today to schedule your delivery  from our Hamden, CT facility. Call us today: 203-397-3867

Before you search “Mulch Supplier Near Me” think Paradise!


“Got mulch delivered from them a couple years ago. Came on time, actually gave a little more than ordered. Price was great and driver was very helpful. Actually calling in a day or 2 for another load!!”

Vincent Borzillo, East Haven.