Permits: Is It Necessary in Tree Removal?

Permits: Is It Necessary in Tree Removal?

When it comes to major construction works around the house, you will most likely require permits and permissions from local building agencies. This is only natural, considering that major construction works may hinder other people’s peaceful living. Not only that, but there are also risks to public infrastructure.

However, if it only concerns about tree removal in your backyard, do you still need to obtain permission from your local government before hiring a tree removal service in New Haven County, Connecticut? The truth is, it depends on the city or state you live in and the tree size.

Most cities nowadays regulate the removal of trees. It isn’t as easy as cutting grass in your lawn, where you can decide when to do so as it is within your property. For urban cities, whether a tree grows within a private property or a public one, removing them is illegal without permits since they sustain the city’s livability. 

Before you call for tree removal in Wallingford, CT, make sure that the tree you plan to remove is neither a significant tree or a heritage tree. Significant trees are those considered as perfect specimens or above a certain height. On the other hand, heritage trees are those trees believed to be of significant “age.”

You can remove trees without a permit in some cases, though. This is the case when the tree is dangerous or dead.

Paradise Landscaping and Tree Removal should be of great help to you when it comes to removing trees. Let us know if you need help!

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