Popular Types of Mulch for Commercial Landscaping

Popular Types of Mulch for Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping your business front improves your customer’s first impression of you. The more customers have a positive first impression of you, the higher the chances that they’ll avail of your services. Thus, be sure to look for landscaping and tree removal service in New Haven County, Connecticut.

The most popular option for landscaping is using mulch. However, even with mulch, you also have different forms you can consider. If you decide to go for commercial landscaping and tree removal in Wallingford, CT with consideration to use mulch, here are the most popular ones:

  • Shredded Bark
    Shredded bark mulches are one of the most used forms of mulches that won’t wash away quickly during the rainy season. It is the perfect form to use for slopes and can make your pathways look more natural.
  • Cypress Mulch
    This form of mulch won’t get washed away during heavy rains, too. Not only does it look good when used for commercial landscaping, but it also provides nutritional benefits to your plants.
  • Cedar Mulch
    Golden reddish in color, cedar mulch gives off a pleasant woodsy aroma. Although it is expensive, it is still a popular choice for commercial landscaping, since it can last longer and repel inspects.
  • Straw
    If you have a newly seeded lawn, straw mulch is preferable. It can be clean wheat, oat, or barley straw. Straw can keep the seeds from being washed away. Moreover, it keeps rodents and birds away.

Landscaping involves a lot of processes, including cutting grass, pruning plants, and so on. Paradise Landscaping and Tree Removal will cooperate with you closely until we achieve the landscape you want your clients to see upon their arrival at your business location. Set an appointment with us for a discussion.

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