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Tree Removal, Care & More

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Concerned about a tree or trees on your property? Are you worried tree limbs may interfere with electrical, cable, phone or other lines coming into your home or business? Do you want to know if overhanging trees pose any threat to your home, office, cars, or other property — or your neighbors?

At Paradise Landscaping and Tree Removal, we love tree work! We’ve been removing, maintaining and planting trees for more than 20 years now for customers of tree removal service in New Haven County, Connecticut. Its is important, and critical work. We have the experienced crews and robust equipment to safely tackle every tree task.

Call us for a FREE safety analysis of your trees. If there is a specific tree or trees of concern, call right away. You need not be present. Call us, describe then mark the tree(s) of concern. While you’re at work, we’ll stop by, check it out, and put a free analysis on your front door. If there is work to be done, we’ll include a no-obligation, competitive estimate. You get ease of mind with no cost or obligation. If there is a tree issue to address, we can take care if it for you right away with experienced, licensed, insured crews and the equipment to handle most any job.

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One of our high-reach bucket trucks.

Connecticut Tree Services

  • Emergency tree removal
    • Insurance Claims Services
  • Planned, full tree removal
  • Tree landscaping
    • Root care
    • Mulching
    • Edging
    • Brush clearing and chipping
    • Leaf removal
    • Tree planting
  • Stump grinding with removal of the chips
  • Firewood specials (our famous “bakers dozen” cords)

Falling trees can cause serious property damage and compromise the safety of your family of staff. Don’t wait for a disaster!
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Emergency Tree Removal

If you are the victim of a storm, if a tree fall damaged your home or property, if a tree is threatening the safety of your family or neighbors, if you need emergency service, call us now. For Emergency Response call 24/7: 203-640-1176. Our licensed, insured and trained rapid response team is ready for most any emergency. Once the tree is clear, cleaned up and hauled away, we can work with your insurance company to help substantiate and file a claim.

“HUGE shout out to PARADISE LANDSCAPING & TREE REMOVAL. The tornado destroyed nearly every tree on my property. I couldn’t recommend a better company. Completely organized easy to deal with. Fantastic crew & Management. 110% professionals.” Grego Foster.

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Planned Tree Removal

trimming tree with bucket truck Paradise Landscaping and Tree RemovalWe all hate to lose a tree. But there are times when tree removal is your best option. Proper tree management and removal of dying or dead trees can help stave off disaster when the inevitable storms arrive. (Proper tree care by Paradise Landscaping and Tree Removal can help your trees stay healthy for years.) In other cases, you may need to clear trees to make room for new construction. Or you may simply wish open up your landscape for aesthetic reasons or to help other plants grow better.

We value your land and take extra steps to remove trees with as little impact as possible. We use special mats under our trucks to minimize lawn damage. We have bucket trucks and cranes to remove trees piece-by-piece, reducing tree weight and minimizing possible damage to your lawn or garden. We clean up all the wood and debris. We offer stump grinding with removal of the chips.

Because we have extensive experience in landscaping, landscape design AND tree care, we can best advise you and offer the safest and healthiest options for your trees. It all starts with our Free Tree Analysis. Contact us or call 203-397-8733 and we’ll get back to you right away.

“They worked non-stop and were very careful in dropping the wood away from the landscaped small hill in an adjacent area. Nice work, and thanks!” Paul Ciezniak, Wallingford.

Proper tree maintenance can promote tree health, strengthen the tree and prevent property damage. Well-shaped trees enhance the look of your landscape. Proper removal of stubs or broken limbs can help prevent diseases and insects from infecting your trees. Removal of dead limbs is a safety issue. (In our line of work we call the big ones “widow makers.”) Our expert climbers and tree care specialists have all the equipment they need for shaping giant oaks. As a landscaping and tree company, we are happy to clean up and cart away dead limbs on the ground too.

beautiful group of trees Paradise Landscaping and Tree RemovalTree Landscaping

Trees enhance most landscapes. They can provide a subtle backdrop, make dramatic statements, provide shade, flowers, even fruits and nuts. We can help you maintain, improve or plan a new landscape with trees and shrubs. We serve residential and commercial customers in New Haven County Connecticut.

Before you search “Tree Service Near Me” think Paradise!

For a FREE, no-obligation, evaluation of your trees and landscape contact us or call today: 203-397-8733

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